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Failure Stories of Hope

Failures and their Stories have the Life’s Hardest Lessons. It is when we discuss failure, we uncover various secrets of success.

Analysis of failure is the Gateway to Success. Here, we ask all our viewers to share their failure stories which can be painful memories, or it is also a way to analyse failure and to make it the most Valuable Experience in Life.

There is no need to think that Failures are the worst we see in the Life. But, what failures can do, is make us aware of our shortcomings’ and make us live the life to our Best.

Why don’t we make the most out of our failures? We can very well convert them into a Story. A story which can be about the realities we face in our day to day Life. There are Ups and Downs we see in our Life, these failures become the downs we go through, but these downs are also a story, and most of these stories are very Touching. All of these Downs we face, are the Stories of Hope, Especially when everything seems to be going wrong.



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What do you Prefer I.Q or E.Q?

There is a constant debate going on which is better I.Q or E.Q. Although, many People Vouch that it is E.Q that matters more than I.Q, it is for you to Choose. What is I.Q? It is the Intelligence Quotient. It is the Mental Ability of an Individual to Grasp and Understand various Concepts and Information. What is E.Q? It is called as Emotional Quotient. It tell us to Accept our Emotions and also emotions of People near Us. E.Q says that Emotions bring the best in a Person.

What do you Prefer? It is not possible to choose one, Both I.Q and E.Q matter. But, mostly important it is I.Q that matters. If we have to study and If we have to Clear our exams, It is also because of I.Q we can do it. One should always give Preference to I.Q. People say it is Bookish Knowledge, But, It is how everything begins.

One should always concentrate on his or her I.Q levels. Solving aptitude tests, logical, reasoning will definitely help. Scientists say I.Q levels cannot be improved they remain Constant. But, We can Improve in various other aspects with the same I.Q we have, such as our Speed, Accuracy, and Timing.

What about E.Q? E.Q is an added advantage to I.Q. If you improve yourself in E.Q, you will be able to have better Control of your Life. E.Q concentrates on the Overall Development of a Person. If you develop your E.Q, you are sure going to live a Satisfactory Life. If you feel, that you are good in I.Q but still are living lifeless, then You should start Concentrating on Improving Your E.Q.

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How to Deal with Humiliation?

Humiliation can cause more damage to an individual than what he or she can Imagine. Humiliation can break the dignity of an individual. It can wreak havoc to the mental and physical states of an individual. There are many people around us, who have Mastered the Art of Humiliation. These People look for a chance, to humiliate others.

Humiliation is very difficult to Confront. It is demoralising and unbearable. But, still an individual must be prepared to face such adversities. If you prepare yourself prior to any incident, which has a chance of humiliation, You will be able to Manage Humiliation.

If you have to confront any Moments of Humiliation, Try to Keep yourself Absent from that Place. You need to cut off from those terrible words hurled at you. You may be Physically present there, but try to be Mentally Absent.

Notice the Characteristics of Such People, If you observe these People who enjoy humiliating others, You may find that they behave exactly in the same manner with everybody. If you observe more closely, they may actually use the same words with everybody. Sometimes these people do the humiliation because they have a Superiority complex. These people feel they are superior to everybody around them.

Don’t befriend People who Humiliate, These People appear to Be cool and Nice to you. Don’t befriend them, the more you get friendly with them, the more they will humiliate you. These people even after they humiliate, try to be nice and friendly again. Don’t befriend them, and you will stay out of trouble.

And Lastly, Remember to Encourage yourself and motivate yourself. If those words of humiliation have hurt you. Take time out for yourself, and go for a walk. Try to eat your favorite food Or watch a Movie you like. These will keep your moods Well and Good.

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What are your Fears?

There is a different side of Life altogether. It is something which is difficult to express or conceptualize. They are called as Fears. Fears are the strongest Blocks of Hindrance to our Potential. And it is even more dreadful to talk about our fears. Most of us, hide fears deep within ourselves and these fears eat us from inside. One needs to Consult a Psychologist if he or she is unable to deal with his or her fears.

What causes Fears? Fears are Complexes we develop right from our childhood. There are too many Fears and Phobias. But, it is not necessary for us to overcome all our fears. If we can keep an Awareness of our Fears, It will keep us Strong.

How to Develop Awareness of our Fears? If you want to be strong and upright in your fears, you should be able to develop an awareness of them. Awareness of our fears starts when we Examine our fears. Are you scared because of Money, Wealth, or your Boss? Start to examine your fear, what makes your scared, Are you scared of Losing People? When you begin to examine your Fear, Most of our fears are rooted in Attachment. If you are way too attached to something, it is sure to cause Fear.

Journal, You may find it difficult to express your fears to anybody. But, do you think your fears can stop you from writing a Journal. Keep a Journal, write about your fears. You may be scared of different things, Write about all of them. When you start writing about your fears, they begin to come out from deep corners of your hearts. It will certainly make you feel better, when you express your fears, by writing them down in your journal.

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How to Overcome Idleness?

One of the biggest reasons why People Fail in Career, Education and in their Lives is because of Idleness. What exactly is Idleness? Idleness is a state, when a person does not do anything at all. He or she simply sit and ponder on the most useless things around them. They wail away all their time because of idleness. Some people now, are so used to idleness that Idleness has become a habit in today’s world.

A lot of people think there are not doing anything wrong by doing nothing. Idleness has become a habit and people think there is nothing wrong in it. How does idleness begin? Idleness begins when a person is Lazy, from Laziness, he or she begin to think too much on the useless things around them. They start doing this so often and eventually it becomes into a habit. Once a person gets habituated to idleness it will destroy him or her.

How to Overcome Idleness? An individual cannot be busy for 24*7, but, they should do their own work. If a person stops depending on anybody else to get his or her work done, he or she will find a lot of things he or she has to do. Try to do your own work.

Get the Essentials you need for Work, Most of the People simply sit idle because they don’t have any essentials to get their work done. Suppose they have to fix a screw to a wall. They may not have a drilling machine or a screwdriver with them. This may lead to idleness. Get all the essentials you need to work. And you will find yourself busy in no time.

Organize, Do you organize your Clothes? Do you organize your books? Do you organize your house? If you are Idle start Organizing your things. You will find that whatever you have organized is spoiled everyday. If you organize it again daily, you will have no time to be Idle. Organize your bed and your belongings and Make idleness a thing of past.

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Importance of Balance in Career

A lot of People enter into midlife crisis or Burnout because of their Career. Career often takes a toll on every Individual. A lot of people develop health issues because of their career. Career has its Side effects. If an individual does not pay attention to the side effects of his or her career, they can become life threatening as Well.

It is Important that an Individual keeps Balance, in his or her career. Balance forms the Backbone of one’s Career. It is Balance which will be able to make you work for long term. It is Balance which can end the side effects of your career. Balance will always keep you Poised and Composed at Work.

How can you Achieve Balance in Career? One must Always Keep One’s  Targets or Goals in Balance. Don’t Aim too high, you may be able to put all your efforts and do them, but, it will lead to Burnout. Next Plan Your Schedule Clearly, don’t keep heavy Load, Categorize everything. If you categorize your work, it Saves time and reduces Work Pressure.

Try to Finish the Goals you have Set for the Day. If you postpone Today’s Work for Tomorrow, it will only make things worse for your Career. Avoid Postponement. One must have a Hobby which he or she can spend his or her hours on, these are the after hours of Work. Almost everyone may have a few Hobbies such as reading books , or playing an instrument or writing a blog. One should always encourage such hobbies as they form a balance to the Work we do everyday. These hobbies are very important, as they act as a balance to our Work. It also reduces the Stress associated to Work. Balance of Career will make an Individual to become Successful and induce Leadership qualities in him or her.

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How to Start your Day?

Most of us, when we get up in the morning,  we give a thought, whether today is going to be a Good Day? Some of us, even try to do all that we can to make our day a good day. If anything bad happens it lingers in our minds and hearts and stays through out the day and it is also likely to give us mood swings. Even little things which go wrong can spoil our entire day.

The world is going towards a night life. Having a night life is the coolest thing to do Now. Night life has its attractions. It is Cool and Happening. But, it should not continue into an everyday process. If you have thought that you can’t let go of night life. It is wise to keep it to weekends. One can party once in a fortnight that will be much healthier. If you can keep it once in a Month it is Best.

Why Night Life should be Avoided? The night life of a person starts showing its rapid effects on the Mornings, he or she wakes up. A Person who has an active Night life can wake up with Irritations and mood swings. Which will only get worse with time. Here, We are giving you some tips, to kick start your day.

In the Morning when you try to get up, your body is Cold. It is because, you has been sleeping without any movement all night, your body will be cold. Some people may find it lethargic to wake up in the morning. If you have any problems waking up in the morning try to Exercise on the bed before you wake up. It will warm up your entire body and will remove lethargy. Lift your right leg up, rotate it circularly clockwise and bring it down, then lift your left leg up, rotate it circularly clockwise and bring it down, lift both the legs up, rotate them circularly clockwise and bring them down. Now raise both your legs up and try to touch your legs with your hands. Try this and Kick Start Your Day.

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What to Learn and How to Work?

Today’s World is experiencing a rapid change in Technology, Industrialization and Economy. There is a continues need for an individual to adapt to the changes or else he or she may find themselves way behind others. Every Country, has been trying to change their prospects of economy, growth and development. This is leading to quick change in the policies and the guidelines of the both public and private sector.

All the young individuals who are dreaming of making a name for themselves in the society are finding it difficult to match the criteria of the Countries Policies and Guidelines. Most of them end up, reading all almost every book and every material in order to match the changing Polices. But, that exactly what causes an individual to fall into a Spider Web. There are too many books available and the availability of Knowledge is so vast that, it may cause a person to find himself or herself entangled.

What to Learn? That is the first and the foremost question a person has to ask himself or herself. If you ask yourself that question, then the first step towards learning is taken. One should always keep in his or her mind the Subjects he or she has Taken Up. Reading a lot, only, about the Subjects he or she has taken up is wise. To have a thorough knowledge of One subject is better than, having little knowledge of a lot of subjects. Read as much as You can about the Subjects you have taken up, don’t try to go for other subjects which may very well become a Spider Web.

How to Work? If you keep your subjects as mentioned above, it will do wonders to your work. One must not overload his or her mind with too much of Stuff. How this works, how that works? Is not necessary for you to know. Yes, there is a lot of competition at work, You have to Perform well, You need to get that Raise and that Promotion. Doing over work may have negative effects on Long term prospects. One should be able to work towards achieving Deadlines. A lot of people try to over work or over do, which hinders their progress in their further endeavors. Every Job has a Deadline. One should reach His or Her Deadlines, Which will be very helpful for Long Term Prospects of their Career.

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General Knowledge for your Career

The Books a Person studies does not make up to his or her ability to get Employed. Most of the students and individuals in the world today concentrate on their scores and grades. Although, they are important, but, not necessarily to get you Employed.

Do you know the Importance of General Knowledge in your Career? If Yes, it is Good, if No, You should start developing your General Knowledge from today. General Knowledge is a vast sector. It is like an encyclopedia, it does not have a beginning or it does not have an end. To start studying General Knowledge, One should start from the Relevant Topics, Such as Local, Regional, State and Country. One can begin by studying these topics. Find out what is going on in your Locality, in your Region, in your State and in your Country.

Some of the ways to Study General Knowledge are Outlined as follows

Politics and Government, Everything Run in the State is in the hands of the Government. Whatever is going on in your state is indirectly associated to Government. And Politicians run the Government, One should study well about Politicians and Government Legislations.

Economy, Finance and Economic sector is the second most important topic to build one’s general knowledge. Economy and Finance requires an individual to be able to know some common terms and definitions. Check for terms and their meanings in Economy to Understand it better.

Who’s Who, This is one of the basic General Knowledge skills, Be it Sports, Environment, Law or Police, they are People occupying the Top Positions. One should always know Who’s Who occupying the Top Positions in different sectors.

News, Last but not the least is to follow news. If you have the habit of reading daily newspaper well and good. If you don’t read newspaper. Browse through the news channels everyday. You will improve your General Knowledge Greatly.

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What does your Personality say about your Career?

I should have been a Musician, I should have been an actor, how many of us dream that we are supposed to be somewhere else? How often do we get a thought that we don’t belong here. Is there Something wrong with us? Or do we wish we had been some other place. The problem is with Personality. All of us have our Personality Traits. We are good at certain things, Some People are Good at Talking. Some People are good at Painting. Some are good in Music. All of it, comes under personality traits.

Because of these personality traits, we always wish we were there, may be become a musician, or a singer or a Politician. But, what can we do about these personality traits. There are some people who were Fortunate to get the career or job of their dreams. It suits their Personality type. But, all of us are not that fortunate enough. Still, deep down in our hearts, what we wish to be, doesn’t go away.

There is only one way to beat all these Myths associated to our personality. We may be good at certain things such as singing, music or Talking. It does not mean that we are Good Enough to Make a Career out of them. These personality traits improve our over all Personality and they are not to develop our careers.

Assurance, Do you have Assurance that you can make a Career out of your Personality Trait? If you have assurance, then keep your dreams alive. But, if you don’t have assurance, let go of all those dreams. Just remember all these Personality traits Improve your over all Personality and they are not meant for your Career.


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Differentiation of Career from Other Things in Life

Everybody in the world have 24 hours of time, it is an equal amount of time given to everybody. A lot of people gain success and appreciation from the world, whereas, a lot of people experience failure and turmoil in the world. When it is equal amount of time given to Everybody, why do some people utilise their time well and some people waste their time?

It is so Simple, most of the people who experience failure, spend all the time, in impressing people, in improving their oratory skills, or they improve their comic abilities and make people laugh. The list of the things people who experience failure do is long, they are the first ones to help anybody. They spend most of the time in thinking about all the beautiful things around them in the world, such as laughter of children, the colour of flowers they have seen today. They are the first to appreciate any person who is successful. They often wonder, why do they fail, when they have such good interests.

Differentiation of Career from other things in Life is the most Important Lesson any individual has to learn. One cannot mix one’s career with all trivial things around him or her. They are many things an individual may do everyday such as he or she play games, sports, does exercises, or may be he or she is learning a musical instrument. Whatever things he or she may be doing, they must learn to differentiate their career from all of things are doing.

Why should we Differentiate our Career from all other things in Life? The most important reason is that all trivial things we do around mostly are for Passing Our Time, or may be we do them because we Like it. And all these things do not require for us to perform, to be Successful. Do you need to be successful in making people laugh? Do you need to be successful in playing Games? A lot of people end up putting a lot of effort in all these things. But the Truth is these things don’t require any effort, even if you are careless about these things, it will not matter at all. These trivial things can be done as per our leisure and mood. We can do them for Relaxation.

Career requires tremendous amount of Efforts, Perseverance and Dedication. Career requires High Mental Concentration and Constant Learning. Career requires us to Perform well and be Successful. Career requires us to keep up our Skills and Knowledge on par with all our Contemporaries. Career has targets which have to be met. Career has challenges which have to be won. On the Whole, it is Only because of our Careers, we Earn our Bread and Butter. So One must learn to Differentiate his or her career with all other things in life. One may ask How do we Do it? It is by Thinking, we should keep our Thinking only on career and not on any other things. In this way, you will be able to succeed and develop a flying career.